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Love these pics from recent Arashi Japonism Tour, especially the third one.

*run in field filled with daisies

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KAT-TUN fans revealed what they heard from some staff at the recent BEST ARTIST…

- Taguchi’s withdrawal announcement was NOT planned beforehand. But MC Sakurai Sho knew that that’s gonna be Taguchi-kun’s last performance with KAT-TUN.
- Sho said something about “facing the fans” and advised Taguchi-kun to announce it during the live broadcast, but KAT-TUN initially refused, fearing it’d ruin the mood of the show.
- “Whatever happens later is on me. I’ll take the responsibility.” Since Sho said that, KAT-TUN agreed to announce it after “Dead or Alive”.
- Sho urged the staffs to change Arashi’s turn with KAT-TUN’s for Johnny’s Love Medley to give the group some time to prepare. “It’s okay, just cut the MC part here. I’ll manage somehow!”
- The staffs agreed. From there, the show went a little chaotic backstage because certain MC parts were cut and such, but Sho skillfully changed the scripts and managed to steer it back on track.

Conferenza stampa Arashi per programmi inizio anno e nuovi cm.

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Programs 03 01 16
16:15 ~ Arashi new plan (tentative) / Fuji
18: 00 ~ VS storm New Year 3 hour special (tentative) / Fuji
21:00 - New Year Drama Special Bocchan / Fuji
"Araome! News "(Kanto local broadcast)
December 26 (midnight 1:05 ~)
December 27 (midnight 1:15 ~)
December 28 (midnight 0:55 ~)
December 29 (midnight 0:40 ~)
December 30 (midnight 0:40 ~)
January 1 (midnight 0:40 ~)
January 2 (after 11:40 ~)

This is what I found on internet about today press conf about Arahome.
5 consecutive years Arashi is determined to "Fuji face" of the New Year
This is what I found on internet about today press conf about Arahome.
Jun said the time where he felt that members are more united is when a group chat is created on LINE . Recently, the members even sent photos in the group, although the increase in intimacy may be weird to outsiders. They created the group chat to discuss Leader's birthday surprise at first, Leader joined in later.
Nino: It's not enough to only meet at work. We want to keep sharing info with one another. Nino: 30-years-olds using smart phone for the first time tend to be like this
*when asked on something that's been troubling them that they want to disappear next year*
Aiba: my little brother's kid hates me... she keeps crying
Nino: that's a problem not just a trouble! *laughs*

New Oillio Cm of Nino.
Arashi's New Year's card please monkey Hen new cm.
Arashi's Ichiban Shibori local CM official site, each regional limited CM has been published.
The Christmas congrats in the FC are up as always. Aiba-chan drawing is cute and Sho-kun draw too. I would like to know the texts of the messages...

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